Patient Information

Your First Appointment

Our staff will be happy to help you schedule a convenient time for a consultation in our office. An examination of your gums and x-rays will help determine whether or not periodontal or implant therapy is right for you. Your dentist may suggest periodontal care for a number of reasons, which may include management of gum disease, preparing the gums for crowns or fillings, or improved appearance. Your dentist may also recommend placement of dental implant anchors to help securely replace missing or damaged teeth.

Periodontal and implant surgery are wonderful forms of care, but they are not the best for everyone. We will encourage you to ask questions, and we will talk honestly about what is best for you. We want to help you decide, in cooperation with your dentist’s office, which therapeutic choice is best for you. The success of the therapy you receive from us will ultimately depend on your ongoing dedication to oral care at home.


Crestal Health Periodontics will communicate with you and your dentist to form the foundation of your care. We will send a professional letter to your dentist after each encounter we have with you. We will call your dentist, if the need arises, to clarify the type of therapy that will be best for you. Your dentist will also receive a survey that we will ask you to complete after you have had an opportunity to experience our treatment.

Payment Arrangements

We will work hard to maximize your insurance benefits. We will be happy to file your claim. As a courtesy, we will only ask you to pay an estimated amount, on the day of treatment, that will not be covered by insurance. Please understand that this is only an estimate based on the available information. Financial options will be discussed during the initial visit. We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and CareCredit (a dental credit card). Crestal Health Periodontics will help you choose the best payment option for your personalized needs.